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I'm Kath, a stay-at-home-mum to a 5 year old daughter 3 year old son, living in the West Country. I enjoy a wide variety of crafts and will attempt any craft once!

Before my mummy life I worked in TV. I love animals (although my husband isn't keen on having pets - I'm working on that one) and I have a zoology degree. My favourite animal is the naked mole rat, because they have an interesting breeding system. Thats the sort of reason you give for it being your favourite animal when you have studied zoology!

I'm known for being organised (although thats harder with 2 small children) and I do love a bit of admin - I'm even doing in voluntarily for preschool! At work they used to call me "Excel Queen", I even had a coaster on my desk with that written on it.

Happy to review products if they are relevant to my blog and family. Please note I only do no-follow links.

You can email me on knittymummy @live.co.uk (but take out the space, I've just written it like that so the spambots don't notice its an email address)

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