Friday, 25 October 2013

Octonauts Toy Review and Competition

You might have guessed from posts such as our Octonaut birthday party and Octonaut hama bead designs that the whole Knitty household is slightly obsessed with Octonauts (I once watched a new Christmas special episode on my own because I didn't want to miss it even though the kids weren't there). So when we were asked if we'd like to review some of the latest toy releases I couldn't really turn it down!

We were sent the GUP F Build a Gup and the Deep Sea Octolab (which my son has been asking for since the Mariana Trench adventure episode was first aired). As you can see from the photo below my son was a little excited when they arrived, hugging the box before I could even get the toys out! Whilst on the subject of the box can I just congratulate the makers on getting rid of the wire ties they used to use to attach the toys to the box and replacing them with much easier to remove string. The worst bit about Christmas/birthday mornings is trying to extract a toy from the packaging.

I love the GUP F, it comes with loads of accessories that can be slotted into any of the cross shaped holes scattered over the main body. They were really easy for my son to insert himself and they hold in place nicely. Its a lovely combination of imaginative play and creativity. I also loved the little instruction manual that gave him ideas of different ways of putting them together. He doesn't really understand how his big sister follows her Lego instructions, so this is a nice way of introducing them to him.

The Deep Sea Octolab is Shellington's scientific lab and comes with a vegimal robot, a mini volcano and flare gun, all of which are operated by pushing the plunger to force air through them. Its not the most impressive volcanic explosion in the world, it just about pushes the rocks over the side, but if they did shoot a long way I'd spend my entire time hearing the phrase "Mummy, I can't find the rocks", so it's certainly a feature I can live with! I love the attention to detail on the sound effects; the "radio communications" from Captain Barnacles have added static to make them sound like they are a long way away in the Octopod (just like in the TV episode). Parents who hate changing batteries will be pleased to know that the lights only turn on for a short period and then turn themselves off!

The final toy we were sent is a Barnacles and Tunip set (pictured left), as we've got this one already I thought I'd offer it to one lucky reader (UK entrants only as I've got to pay the postage myself!) If you'd like to be in with the change of winning you can enter via the entry form below.

Terms and Conditions: The winner will be chosen at random from the rafflecopter entries. UK entrants only. Competition ends at midnight on 1st November. 

Disclaimer: I was sent all three toys for the purposes of this review. All opinions, as always, are my own.


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    1. Congratulations "Peso" you are the winner!!!

  2. Great post, great Xmas present option!

  3. Just checked with CK and he says I have to write Peso (I have in clue what that is).

  4. I don'y know if I'm right in saying Peso (is that the penguin one)?

  5. I'd be Kwazi and so would my son. Yeow!

  6. lynsey buchanan27 October 2013 21:53

    captain barnacle

  7. Dashi.....already on it captain!

  8. peso cos i make things better apparently

  9. I would be Dashi, like her, I control the computers in our house, or I like to think so x


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