Sunday, 15 September 2013

Kids Capture the Colour Children's Photography Competition

Earlier this year my daughter's school ran a photography competition. I thought "she's only 5 is she really going to be able to do this?" But in the spirit of joining in with the activities at her new school I handed over my camera - only to be amazed by the results; not only on film but in her.

She loves taking photos and although her small hands do struggle with the size of the DSLR she's very keen to have a go. Here she is in action at her school sports day.

When I heard about TravelSupermarket's competition for kids photo competition based around colour themes of yellow, red, blue, green and white I knew she would be keen to get behind the camera again. Below are her entries for the competition.

This picture was taken back at Easter and was her winning entry in her school's competition. It was a very cold day and the wind was whipping around. I'm impressed that we found a break in the wind long enough for these white flowers to stay still.

We were blessed with a lovely summer so her blue picture just had to be the clear sky. I love the framing of this because I feel like I'm in the cool shade looking out into a hot day. Plus it warms me up after the memories of the first picture!

Looking through leaves in the sunshine is one of my favourite things. I did have to stop my daughter falling over backwards whilst taking this. It seems concentrating on holding the camera upwards and balancing are not things that come naturally to a 5 year old!

I've no idea what this yellow flower is, we found it on a bank at the side of my Mum's garden in the dappled shade of a tree.

This photo was a bit of a surprise when I loaded the photos onto the computer. I'd stopped for a chat just after my daughter took the photo of the yellow flower and it seems that whilst I wasn't paying attention she was off taking photos of raspberries. Hardly surprising, the girl loves her raspberries.

Do wish her luck in the competition. I think this goes to show you can start them young


  1. I think she's done incredibly well! I can't imagine my six year old coping with the size and weight of a DSLR so well. I love the sculptural shape of the unknown flower--hope someone more au fait with flora can tell you what it is!

    1. I hope so too - I'd like to pop some in my garden

  2. These are fab! To enter the competition you need to post one photo per colour though so if you can could you get her snapping the others, she really has an eye! xx

    1. OH NO!! It really reads as if they have to do one colour. I'll have to get snapping

  3. She certainly seems to have an eye for it, excellent hobby to get her into. All our fingers are crossed at Crivens Cottage x


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