Monday, 19 August 2013

Jam Jar Crafts

Netmums recently asked a group of bloggers to take part in a Google+ hangout, hosted by Red Ted Art's Maggy Woodley, to show off crafts we could do with jam jars. I was in good company with Red Ted Art, Kids Chaos, Zing Zing Tree and Me and My Shadow. You can watch the hangout at the end of this post - but first here's a little overview of what I made:

Dotty Jars

This is a really quick way to decorate jars. Great if you want to make a pretty jar to give a gift of home made sweets.

To make this I placed glue dots (a bit like double sided tape, but in circles) over the jar and rolled it in glitter. Each glue dot has to be filled up with glitter before moving on to the next colour to stop the dots being multicoloured.

This technique could also be used to make nice round glittery snowballs on a Christmas card - or to decorate baubles for the tree.

Picnic Cheesecake jars

I've written before about making my own cheese from yogurt (click here for the details) and this is an adaptation of that - making little portable cheesecakes for picnics. The recipe is the same, but there is no need to add butter to the biscuit mix (so its a bit healthier).

To watch what all the other clever bloggers got up to you can watch the hangout here:


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