Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Possibly the most useful app I've got

On the bus the other day I noticed an advert for the First Bus app, it was free so I thought I'd give it a go. If you live in a First Bus area I very much doubt that the phrase "First Bus have got something right" slips off the tongue easily, but in this app they really have.

You can tell the app your 'favourite' bus stops (or the ones you use most, I don't really like to pick one out as a favourite, I don't want the other bus stops to feel bad!) then use this to find out the realtime information on buses approaching those stops (or if its ages in advance it shows the timetabled buses) without actually having to be at the stop. Mr K uses it to stay in the office when its raining and just nips out when the bus is near.

Another useful feature is showing the bus routes laid on an actual map, rather than a random list of bus stops named after side roads you have no clue of the location of. The app also covers buses run by companies other than First in the same area, either as a timetable or with realtime information where it is available. 

I'm in Bristol, and it seems pretty comprehensive on the routes and areas I know, I also did a quick search on other areas that First Bus cover, like Glasgow, and they seemed covered in bus stop icons, so presumably they are al covered too.

So something I never thought I'd say - Well Done First Bus!


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