Monday, 10 June 2013

National Blood Week - Could You Be a Donor?

I've been donating blood since I was 18 and a lot of things have changed in that time to make it a more pleasurable experience. The biggest change has to be the appointment system, which means a lot less waiting around. It used to be a painfully long wait, but not any more. It also means that giving blood around your other commitments is much easier - I can book an appointment whilst my son is at preschool and I know I'll be done in plenty of time to pick him up.

Recently I've seen the introduction of some very comfy chairs that swing backwards whilst the donation is being taken and the best change of all - CHOCOLATE BISCUITS! I'm not just talking chocolate digestives; I mean proper chocolate biscuits - Penguins and Clubs.

As part of National Blood Week I hope I can encourage someone else to become a donor. I'm sure you would be nervous first time, but believe me although it does hurt a bit it lasts just a moment and then its fine. I find the worst part is trying to pull the plaster off afterwards - so it can't be that bad can it!

Still unconvinced? Would the fact that each unit of blood donated is split into its constituent parts and could save up to three lives persuade you? Or what about the fact that the number of regular donors has fallen by 23% in the past 10 years? Don't think that the blood service has all the donors they need, they always need more.

Please go, you'll get a biscuit!

If you are interested you can find a donation session here


  1. I have always been a blood donor over the years and had a shiny badge for all my donations ! Unfortunately there is no donor office near to us at the moment and it is a major journey to Edinburgh to give blood so I have not done so in some time. Will have to schedule it in next time I am on a shopping expedtition !

    1. Thats the good thing about the appointment system, you won't use up all your shopping time sitting around in a queue

  2. Great post highlighting a very important issue. You never know when you or someone close to you might need a blood transfusion so it's really a social responsibility to go donate.

    1. Social responsibility - I like that phrase. I was hoping I could be a platelet donor, but after the test I found I don't have enough, so I have to stick with blood.


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