Sunday, 30 June 2013

My weekend away at BritMums Live 2013

Last weekend was my first ever night away from my son (who is nearly 4) and only the 2nd time I've been away from my daughter (who is nearly 6) so I think I've earned it! I headed up to London on the train with Rachel Mummyglitzer, Jane from Practically Perfect Mums, Ella Purple Mum, Emily Tealady Mumbles and Jen from Instinctive Mum. I don't think the people in our carriage were in any doubt as to where these six loud ladies were heading - all the talk was of BritMums Live 2013.

I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I knew I wanted to meet lots of people who I had chatted with online. I was so happy to meet fellow crafters; Jennifer from Jennifer's Little world, Maggie from Red Ted Art, Ali from Kids Chaos and Kerry from My Lovebumps/PinAddicts. In fact whilst I was chatting to Maggie and Ali I noticed a certain Kirstie Allsopp admiring my Frida Kahlo skirt, she then gave me a lovely smile. I didn't get to chat with her as it was time to head in for the opening keynote speech - and Kirstie was a bit busy as she was the speaker.

After this we split off to whichever sessions took our fancy. Unfortunately I think I chose badly and the only thing I enjoyed from the afternoon sessions was Pippa Best from Story of Mum telling us brilliantly how to apply the rules of storytelling she uses in film scripts to our blogs. The first part of the session had nothing to do with storytelling and only made me never want to visit the Costa Brava in case I bumped into the dull man from the tourist board who was on the stage.

I was also disappointed that "Making your blog camera ready" really didn't have anything to do with photography, but I did learn lots about Facebook edgerank thanks to Transatlantic Blonde.

The evening BIB Awards were a great chance to meet up with others - although this was the point where I decided to go and introduce myself to Molly from Mother's Always Right, only to discover that not only was the person I had decided to approach actually Modern Mummy, but also that Molly wasn't even at BritMums!

Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn and I were living on the edge and went back to our hotel for room service and TV! We might have missed out on some socialising but it did get me a 50% discount on my room when the TV would only play in black and white. Fritha did wonder if the TV was supposed to be like that as the hotel was so ultra-cool it was probably deliberately retro!

Saturday's keynote speaker was Katie Piper. I was totally blown away by her. I'd not seen her documentary "My Beautiful Face" so although I knew about the acid attack, I knew little else about her story. She is an astonishing woman who has overcome so much.

The only disappointment I had from Saturday's talks was that two very visual sessions "Pinterest" and "Photography" clashed with each other. Surely the majority who use one, use the other? It was annoying after "is your blog camera ready" not being about cameras-gate. I opted for Pinterest in the end.

Lunch was delicious, I was expecting a buffet of sandwiches - but I got seabass with squash and rocket. I accidentally sat next to Morgana from But Why Mummy Why. I say accidentally as I didn't recognise her without the quiff from her twitter avatar - we should all be forced to wear to same outfit/hair/strike the same pose as our twitter avatars so that we can be recognised. Something I'd like @PurpleElla to try (find her on Twitter to find out why).

The kids were pleased with my photos because I met Alex the lion from Madagascar and in a few years time I'll show them this picture of me with Hedwig (yes, the ACTUAL Hedwig) and they'll understand why I'm excited. The wand casting lessons were brilliant fun too (using ACTUAL wands from the film).

Visiting the trade stands I made a complete fool of myself in front of a green screen for Visit Orlando - purely because I wanted a penguin shaped USB stick. In fact I came away with more USB sticks than you could shake a (USB) stick at. Jane, Fritha and I also made a fool of ourselves in the Acer photobooth.

I didn't have to make a fool of myself to get a personalised coke bottle though (thank goodness as I'd have practically done anything for that).

The weekend was exhausting, but wonderful. I'll see you all there next year!


  1. haha thanks for not showing that first one! I threw it in the bin but wondered if I should have burnt it first ha! I loved that we hung out in the hotel room after, such mums! That was actually the first time I've ever had room service! Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys, it was so much fun :) xx

    1. One of my favourite parts of the weekend was our room service night - although you did make me paranoid about face painting!

    2. oh no! Don't be, thats my paranoia! Plus it is extreeeeeeeemly rare. It was one of my favourite parts to! x

  2. helloitsgemma1 July 2013 13:16

    Must drag actual Molly to Bristol soon and we can all catch up!

    1. That would be lovely. It would be nice to meet the right person!

  3. It was lovely to meet you! I thought that the Costa Brava bit was a bit of a disappointment too, it's great that some bloggers enjoyed a free holiday but not really relevant to the rest of us! I'm disappointed though, I missed the penguin USB stick!

    1. I discovered the downside of the penguin USB stick when I went to get some photos printed the other day. The guy in the shop just looked at me as if to say you've given me a toy penguin, what am I supposed to do with this?


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