Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cake Pops Recipe

In recent weeks I've made two cakes that involved carving bits off a square cake to make its shape. Not wanting to waste these bits I froze them to make into cake pops at a later date. If you've got any leftover cake you don't know what to do with here's how I made mine:


Leftover cake
Chocolate equalling half the weight of the leftover cake 
Something to stand them up in until they dry (polystyrene/oasis)

Put the cake (now defrosted) into a blender and turn it to crumbs

Melt the chocolate and mix with the crumbs

Form the mixture into balls with your hands and place in the fridge for 10 minutes

Melt the candy melts, dip the end of a stick in the candy melts and push this into a cake ball (not too far or the ball will break)

Next submerge the cake pop in the candy melts to cover it, spin it as you remove it and stand in some oasis or polystyrene. Sprinkle over your choice of decorations.

I found the Candy melts easy to use, but I need to have some more attempts at this before I get a smooth finish. The candy melts can be thinned by adding some vegetable oil - but I didn't want to thin them too much and find they didn't stick to the cake as I only had one packet!


  1. I love these. They look like little flowers.

    1. Thanks, I made them for a cake sale and they went so quickly

  2. Great idea for using up left-over cake...Genius!


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