Thursday, 7 February 2013

What is on my bedside table?

Jo from Slummy Single Mummy wants to know what's on my bedside table. well, not just my bedside table, she's a very nosey lady, she wants to know whats on everyone's bedside table. So to stop her breaking into my house and having a peek for herself I thought I'd share it here!

My bedside table - I didn't notice my tights making a bid for freedom when I took this picture!

The Killing Handbook - Emma Kennedy

I adore The Killing, so I'd finished this book within about 2 days of receiving it. It's very funny and has some great insights from Sofie Grabol (I have no clue how to put Danish letters into my blog so I know that's not spelt right). I'm going to use the knitting pattern included to make my own Sarah Lund jumper, although I'm going to adapt it a bit as the pattern calls for DK and I want to use the authentic Sirri yarn.

Naked - David Sedaris

I came to David Sedaris via my my favourite thing on my bedside table - the radio. I love hearing him read his essays on "Meet David Sedaris" on Radio 4. My husband bought me 'Naked" and "Dress your family in corduroy and denim" for Christmas. I've just finished "dress your family"which I read with Sedaris's voice as it reads so much better!

I've read a lot of Danny Wallace's books and loved them all. I do like the "silly-men-make-a-drunken-bet-and-take-it-to-extremes" genre. Other authors in this genre are Dave Gorman and Tony Hawks (the comedian, not the skateboarder). I've not had the chance to open this book yet, so I've no idea what its about.

At Home - Bill Bryson

Another book whose author I adore, although this one has been sitting around waiting to be read for a while. I never seem to have the time to catch up with reading since having kids - although I have caught up on all my very hungry caterpillar reading!

I've read two earlier books by Stephen Clarke; "A year in the Merde" and "Merde Actually", both funny novels set around an Englishman in France. This is a funny and (supposedly - I'm no historian, I haven't checked) factual look at the history of England and France.

To see what is on Jo's bedside table or join in yourself you can follow this link.


  1. Thanks for joining in - you've got some great books there. I LOVE Tony Hawks too and have read all of his crazy 'drunk-men-make-silly-bets' stories :-)

    1. Thanks for giving such a great writing prompt!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is too funny about the tights! But I give you major credit for being able to even take a pic of your bedside table. Mine is filled with paperwork. When;s a girl suppose to organize that!? You should stop by my linky party, and link up some of your posts! Here's the URL:
    Have a lovely day!

  3. This is absolutely a commendable post indeed. you've got some great books there. I LOVE (Emma Kennedy book)
    The killing Handbook. You have a great collection of books shown on your bedside table.

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