Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Photo Beer Bottle Top Badges

Maggie at Red Ted Art set a challenge to come up with a craft involving bottle tops to show in a Google+ hangout. That sentence probably doesn't make a lot of sense if you've not had a play with Google+, so let me explain. Google+ is a new social media platform (bet you can't guess who owns it!) if you want to follow me through Google+ you can click the knitted g button top right of my side bar (*points*" over there"). A google+ hangout is like Skype only supersized. Lots of people can chat at the same time, others can watch without taking part and the whole thing can be recorded and kept on YouTube for all to see. If you want to watch our Google+ hangout I've put the video at the bottom of this post.

Anyway, forgetting the technology, what about the craft challenge? When Maggie first told us the theme would be bottle tops I wandered round my house opening cupboards. Could this ketchup lid become anything, what about this milk top or this shampoo lid? Hmmn, no inspiration, think I'll sit down and have a beer, ahh, beer bottle lids! 

For a while now I've been making photo jewellery for my friends using moulds and resin from Little Windows.  What I noticed as I sat down to have my beer was that the circular mould is almost exactly the same size as a beer bottle lid, could I use the same photocropping software and resin to preserve a photo within a bottle lid frame? 

The answer is yes, and it was very simple. It was very much like making them in the moulds, only I didn't take them out at the end. The only problem I had was the plastic lining at the bottom of the lids made it hard to slide the photos into the resin as you would in the moulds. The result of this was that one of the three I made had air caught underneath the photo which meant I had to keep going back to it to push it back down into the resin, something I've never had to do with the moulds.

After 12 hours the resin had set and I glued a brooch pin to the outside of the lid. Is it OCD or common sense that I made sure I put the photo in with the beer logo the right way up? It did make it nice and easy to put the pin on straight.

If you want to watch our video to see what everyone else came up with here it is......

Links to the others taking part are:

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  1. I love love love these! And we are so going to make these esp now I know where to buy the resin!

    Thanks for joining in the hangout!


    1. The resin is so versatile, you can embed things in it too, and I've glued magnets on the back of ones I've made with the doming method (rather than moulds). This won't be be only Little Windows post!


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