Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Vintage Fashion Shoot

Months ago I saw an offer on Groupon that rather appealed - a vintage photo shoot with a makeover and clothes to choose from. I had images of racks of clothes from a costumiers or at the very least a vintage shop and spent months looking at pictures on Pinterest trying to figure out the kind of look I might go for. How did I want my hair, what era's fashion might suit me?

I arrived and things started well. I was caked in makeup by the makeup artist, which freaked me out a bit as I rarely wear more than a bit of mascara, but I wouldn't have gone for a vintage shoot if I didn't want to look different. She then put my hair up, which she did struggle with a bit (I've got A LOT of hair) and the 1950s style high pony tail I started with had drooped by the time I got in front of the camera.

Help! I've got pins and needles
I was very disappointed by the time I got the the clothes - 3 outfits hanging on the back of the changing room door and only one in a size 14 despite me telling them my size when I booked. I'd bought my own shoes, because I'm a size 9, so I knew they wouldn't be able to get those and luckily I'd also bought a dress of my own that I thought was a bit vintagey (that's a word, honest).

I enjoyed being in front of the camera, but it seems from the pictures that the photographer who was spending a lot of time making sure I put my body into cool but uncomfortable poses should have spent more time telling me to look less cross. I really don't like my look when I'm not smiling.

A lot of the time was spent doing very silly poses, which would have looked amazing in a copy of vogue, but I would never hang on my wall. Did he honestly think I'd buy a picture of me putting my finger to my lip in a 'Shhhhhh' pose? I haven't even put up the pictures I like yet as it seems really vain, I would be too embarrassed to put the messing around ones up.

Clothes: Model's own!

When I went back to view the pictures it didn't start well. The photographer left me watching a slide show whilst he went off to make us tea. After a couple of minutes and not one picture I could bear to look at myself in I nearly walked out without stopping to explain, but then the pictures started to improve. 

I'm going to blame the makeup artist. I've got good skin, everyone tells me so, but the layers of foundation made my skin looked crepey. I know there were strong lights so makeup was needed, but we did a family photo shoot when my daughter was born where I only wore a little pressed powder and looked fine. OK I'm five years older now, but my daughter was only nine weeks old then - and the pressed powder did a fine job of covering my sleep deprivation.

Next time I'm going to do my own hair and makeup and choose my own wardrobe. Call me a control freak, but I know I can do a better job. I do have these nice pictures as a result, but it wasn't the day I thought it was going to be.


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