Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tree Fu Tom Costume Tutorial

My son thinks he is Tree Fu Tom, he once told some automatic doors to close, which they did,  so he took that as conclusive proof that "I'm magic". When we were invited to a Superhero themed party there was only one character he wanted to go as.

A couple of months ago Cbeebies magazine ran a Tree Fu Tom edition, with free holopax and sap stone, so I didn't have to make those. In this tutorial I've suggested making them from felt (unless you also bought the same magazine as us).

To make your own Tree Fu Tom costume you will need:

1m green fabric
1/2m blue fabric
4 poppers or velcro
Wide elastic (brown if you can find it, black will do)
Blue Bias binding (optional - see section on tabard)
Green Bias binding
Felt in brown and orange (if you need to make a holopax)
Beige/grey trousers or tracksuit bottoms
Light blue T-shirt (it doesn't matter if its got a picture on the front, you'll only see the sleeves)

Measure your child across the shoulders (AS), from shoulder to waist (SW) and from shoulder to knees (SK).


On the green fabric cut 2 front pieces, with the top edge being AS+3cm (for seam allowance) and the length the SW+8cm. Cut a shallow scoop for the neckline.

Cut 2 more in green in a similar shape, but with the length SK+3cm for the back section.

Sew the 2 front sections together along both sides and turn the right side out. Repeat with the two back sections.

Lay the front and back on the wadding and cut wadding to the same shape. Put the wadding inside the front and back sections.

Quilt both the wing sections in a leaf vein pattern.

Close the top edge of both wing sections with bias binding.

Join the wing sections at one shoulder.

Cut two small rectangles (the width of the shoulder seam) and join these. Sew this onto the back at the unattached shoulder.

Attach 2 poppers or velcro to join this to the front of the wing.


In the blue fabric cut 2 sections like my picture - with the length being SW+3cm and the short end AS+3cm. The size of the longer side doesn't matter - just a bit bigger than the shoulders to allow for an easy fit.

Sew the 2 sections together at the sides and hem the bottom

Now you have options - I hemmed the arm holes and then realising I had to change the design slightly from what I'd originally planned I put bias across the shoulders and neck as I ran out of seam allowance in my modifications. So the bias is only on mine to cover a mistake - but i think it looks nice and mirrors the bias on the leaf neckline. 

So your options are: 
1) bias binding around arms, across shoulders and neck
2) hem arm holes, bias across shoulders and neck
3) Hem it all

Attach a popper or velcro at each shoulder to join

Belt, Sap Stone and Holopax

Cut a circle of brown felt and a slightly smaller circle of orange felt and a length of elastic slightly bigger than needed to fit round your child's waist.

Overlap the ends of the elastic and sew together using a zigzag stitch.

Place the elastic over the front of the leaf section where the belt should lie and place the brown and then the orange circle of felt on top. Sew these layers together (when the outfit is put on the child should step into the elastic belt then attach the shoulder together).

Make a smaller version of the belt to be worn on the wrist as a holopax.

But a word of warning - expect your child to try to do everything with magic from now on!


  1. Way cooool!!! My daughter would love this!

  2. thank you for this I have been asked to make a costume like this!!! you haven't got instructions for Upsy Daisy have you!!

    1. Sorry, my kids were never that into In The Night Garden, so I never felt the need to make one! I will have more costume posts coming soon (although not Upsy Daisy!)

  3. I've managed to do an Upsey Daisy
    here is a photo

    1. Brilliant, I bet you've got one very happy daughter


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