Sunday, 9 December 2012

The "I made it up as I went along no-sew" Jumper

I fell in love with some gorgeous wool, James C Brett Passion, in my local wool shop. I had to have it, but they only had 2 balls left, which in a chunky wool was not going to go far. I thought I'd be able to get a jumper for my 4 year old out of it, but didn't think I'd be able to make sleeves. So, taking inspiration from a short sleeved chunky jumper that I owned I made this one up as I went along.

Knitting this jumper also involved NO SEWING! There are no side seams because it is knitted in the round, no sewing in sleeves because they are just ribbed with picked-up stitches and I used the three needle cast off method on the shoulders, so even they didn't need to be sewn, it was fantastic to take something off the needles finished.

My daughter is tall and skinny so most clothes swamp her, this was a great opportunity to make something that would fit.

In the spirit of making it up as you got along, here is a very rough pattern, feel free to make it up as you go along;

Using 5.5mm circular needles cast on an even number of stitches that will make it big enough to fit round the hips.

Knit 5cm of a 2x2 rib

Switch to 6.5mm circular needles and continue in ss until it is the right length to bottom of the armpits.

Place half the stitches on a stitch holder and switch to 6.5mm straight needles on the remaining stitches.

Continuing in ss increase one stitch at each end of every k row until you reach the point where you think the bottom of the neckline should fall.

Place 2 thirds of the stitches onto another stitch holder and continue working up to one shoulder on the remaining third.

*Continue in ss increasing one stitch on the arm side on every other row and decreasing one stitch on the neck side on EVERY ROW.

Continue until the arm hole is the desired size. Leave these stitches on a stitch holder**

Rejoin the yarn to the remaining front stitches, starting from the neckline. Cast off the first half of these stitches to form the base of the neckline.

Continue on the remaining stitches working up to the other shoulder following from *to**

Rejoin the yarn to the back section and continuing in ss increasing 1stitch at each end of every knit row until the back is the same length as the front.

Using the 3 needle cast off method cast off and join the left shoulder seams

Cast off the middle back section of the neck of the neck (using normal cast off method) stopping when you have the same number of stitches remaining on the back section as the remaining shoulder front.

Using the 3 needle cast off method cast off and join the right shoulder seams

Using 5.5mm DPNs pick-up an even number of stitches around one of the arm holes and knit 3 rows of 2x2 rib, cast off. Repeat for other arm hole.

Using 5.5mm DPNs pickup stitches all around neck hole starting by going across the front of the neckline. On the first round increase into every stitch on the base of the neckline and then continue in 2x2 rib until the neck is the desired size (or as in my case you are very close to running out of wool).

Cast off


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