Thursday, 25 October 2012

I Want

I've been tagged in this meme by Danielle, the Handmade Mum, a woman with excellent taste in baby names. This meme is all about selfish wants, so for a brief moment I'm going to indulge myself, before I have to go back to being Mummy and putting everyone else's wants first.

I want...

A new curtain pole and a new front door:

These are the last 2 things that need to be done to remove all trace of bad decorating from the previous owners of my house. We've got a crappy plastic curtain pole which is hung far too high above the top of the living room window and being home every day it really annoys me. New one is on the way.

The front door is also a nightmare, its one of those aluminium ones which means its got a handle that the kids can reach to open the door and before you ask no I can't add a chain or a bolt to stop them, because, being metal, you have to choose all the things you want on it before you buy it.

My husband to return the salt to the spot where it lives:

It lives next to the pepper at the back of the counter next to the cooker, not 10cm away from this spot in the middle of the counter. Same goes for the tea caddy, olive oil and telephones.

The time between school drop off and preschool drop off to be shorter:

School and preschool are about 5 minutes from each other, which means the half hour between the two drop offs is too much time to fill with walking, but there's not enough time to achieve anything.

For my kids to instantly learn to ride their bikes:

This is just to save me a fortune in chiropractor bills from leaning down to help them balance.

Workmen to reply to phone calls/emails promptly:

I thought there was supposed to be a recession on, I thought people wanted the work? My most extreme example was getting a hearth for our old house before we put it on the market. When I finally got the return call we had already sold, moved and well and truly settled into the new house.

To be able to choose a neutral paint colour:

I am completely lacking in this ability. I go to friends houses and they have beautiful shades on their walls, in the one room I have gone for a neutral colour its turned out to be a bit pink. I might have to stick to bolder colours.

A magic ironing fairy:
Has anyone got one they can lend me? I don't actually do any ironing, I just want the pile of clothes that I've put out with the best of intentions to disappear.

I'm now going to tag Circus Queen and Mum2Babyinsomniac in this meme.


  1. I totally understand the salt shaker thing, my adult kids are the worse. Though looking at your want list, you don't want much at all, which means you must be quite happy with your life, which is fabulous.

    1. You are the second person who has said that to me! I never realised how content I was! My new curtain pole is now up - but it does mean that I now want new curtains and to completely redecorate my living room


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