Saturday, 1 December 2012

Pinterest Challenge - Christmas Tree Skirt

Pinterest is full of brilliant Christmas ideas, there are so many to choose from I'll be doing Christmas craft for years to come. 

Last year I decided it was time our Christmas tree base acquired a skirt to hide the ugly legs. I'd seen several I really liked on Pinterest, but my favourite was one from SixOneSeven. I'm a sucker for anything with bobble trim on it (despite it being a faff to sew in). When browsing Modes4U's website I stumbled upon most of the fabric that SixOneSeven used in her skirt in the sale, so my mind was made up.

I used wrapping paper to make a pattern (it was Christmas) using string and pencil as a giant compass and drawing half a circle, which I could then fold to make patterns for each segment. I started by sewing each segment together to make a circle, I could then pin this to a piece of fleece with the bobble edging sandwiched in between. Once these layers were sewn together I trimmed the fleece backing into a circle. I used fleece as a backing to make the skirt thicker, almost quilt-like, so that it would hang nicely over the tree legs.

Finally I cut a circle in the centre, using a glass as a guide and finished this edge with bias binding.

One piece of advice when putting up the Christmas decorations. Always remember to put the skirt over the legs before putting the tree up - otherwise you will end up with some interesting juggling when your husband holds a fully decorated tree in the air so you can slip the skirt on the legs!

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  1. Great minds think alike!!!!!!!! I saw this for the first time yesterday on Pinterest, I've never seen one before, such a great idea and yours turned out brilliantly!! Thanks so much for linking up with Pinaddicts again - you rock xx

  2. Thanks - and thanks for running the Pinaddicts - it forces me to make something rather than just sitting on the computer looking at pretty pins!

  3. It's lovely, and what gorgeous fabric!

  4. love a bit of turquoise at Christmas and that fabric bang on the front is FAB!

    Great make xx

    1. Thanks, I wish I could remember who the fabric was by - it might be Henry Alexander

  5. Oooh, looks fab! Another big thumbs up for that lovely fabric!


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